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Apple Bank


Overall Score:
Rate History:

Bank's URL:


Overall Score

Their rates have been attractive. I'm definitely not sold on the security of a site that offer a single login layer when I count 6 HTML mistakes on that same page. If I had greater access to my money (ATM) and was convinced they were working to increase the security of their, I might be a bit more enthusaed with Apple. Without that great rate history they would be a low 2- high 1. From the offline and online marketing I have seen from Apple, they try to be the Target Department Store of banks. They are selling the same toaster as everybody else, but their ads and store look prettier than others. If they build a secure functional site, they will be a strong player in this sector.


Rate History:

Slightly above average. As of the last 2 years, they have been leaning towards the middle end.

Customer Service:

Very standard. Email and phone support.


Pretty old school. Most of the programming I can see is probably done by book taught team. I would like to see more layers of authentication. On their basic site, I see a number of plain HTML mistakes which doesn't sit well with me.


Pros: Your standard tie to a checking or savings account system. No minimum balance.

Cons: No ATM access. No check writing. I suspect very limited security measures are taken from what I have seen. Their basic marketing web site has some many bugs with a standard browser. Some as easy as that makes me not confident at all with this instituition.


Funding: Ties to your checking or savings account.

Setup Process: Online and Mail only.

FDIC Insured

Bank's URL:

Email: They have an email us form:

Phone: 1 (800) 588-5871

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