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Capital One


Overall Score:
Rate History:

Bank's URL:


Overall Score

CapitalOne offers a fantastic product in every category, but rate. Their High Yield Money Market offers every feature available. The rate is usually 1/4 - 1/2% under the leader. But, in the last year, they have been the leader. If you are worried about the realiablity of your bank, Capital One is who you want to business with. They got into bank after all that finanical garabge was already over. So their books are clean and they are here to stay. If check writing and ATM access is a big feature for you, I highly recommend Capital One.


Rate History:

They are usually in the top half, but due to all the services they offer don't expect them to ever lead the pack. In the last year, their rate has always been in the top 5.

Customer Service:

Email and 24/7 phone support. The phone support I was provided was very knowledgable and well versed on polices and FDIC laws.


They follow the standard practice. They could definitely do more.


Pros: Your standard tie to a checking or savings account system. No minimum balance. ATM and check writing access. $1 minimum.

Cons: The security could be better and the rate lags due to all of the services you get with the account.


Funding: Ties to your Checking or savings account. You can also use an ATM or write checks.

Setup Process: Online and phone only.

FDIC Insured

Bank's URL:


Mailing Address:

Direct Banking Deposit Address:
Capital One Direct Banking
PO Box 4197
Houston, TX 77210-4197

Phone: Customer Service 1-877-442-3764

Open an Account 1-800-562-1340

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