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How To Fill Out A Checking Account Application

Opening a bank account whether for checking account application or savings account application can be a little overwhelming and intimidating at times especially when it is your first time to do any banking transaction. However, opening a checking account quite easy than you expect as long as you already in hand all the requirements needed before going to the bank or applying online. A checking account is a quite useful in making any paycheck deposits or for paying bills through mail. Large banks offer checking account for free while some banks would extend this feature if you met certain conditions or criteria set forth according to their terms and conditions.

Opening a checking account is quite easy all you need is your social security number as well as any valid or state-issued identification card. You can either go to the bank yourself or on the bank website and fill out the checking account application. You can talk and ask the bank representative at the bank regarding your concerns. If you are not yet sure on what account to open, the bank representative will provide you with the needed information that will best suit your needs and wants. You will then be required to fill out application forms which will require you to give your legal name, address as well as contact information. You will also be required to give your social security number as well as show any proof of identification preferably a state-issued identification card in order to verify your identity. If you open a checking account online, you will then be required to enter your driver's license or passport number to complete the application.

Once your checking account has been approved, you will then receive an account number as well as a set of starter checks. This check contains routing number of the bank as well as the checking account number provided for you. Usually the starter check does not have the name and address of the account holder. And probably after two weeks a permanent check will then be issued for you to use. It is also important that upon receiving your permanent check that you shred the remaining checks otherwise it can easily be used for any transactions. Furthermore, some businesses may not accept starter check since it does not have any name and address of the issuer therefore it is important to ask if they accept starter check beforehand.

Another aspect of opening a checking account is the filling out of your official signature card from the bank. This is important because the bank uses this specimen to verify your identity whenever you withdraw money from the account or write a check for any kind of payment. If you open a checking account personally to the bank, they will require you to fill out a card for your signature however if you applied online, the bank will send you a blank card where in you will put your signature and mail them back to the bank.

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