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Banks With Free Checking Accounts?

What Is Their Angle?

Looking for the best free checking account these days is no longer a problem for people like you. There are many small and large banks that offer such a free-of-charge and fee account for the potential clients. The reasons for that are simple. Most banks want to attract clients and a free checking account will mean a lot of profit and income for them as soon as they have established their strong relationship with them. But basically, it is always a win-win situation with this type of account between the bank and the client. To understand why, read some of the reviews on the best banks in town that offers such kind of account.

Bank of America

This bank is offering of up to $220 worth of statement credits. Open a free checking account, maintain this direct deposit out from withdrawal transactions in 3 months and you will be entitled already for a $100 cash reward. Other than that, if you will pay your credit card bills thru their online banking system, you will receive a $20 statement credit every month for six months. Not seems to be a bad deal at all.

First Bank

Freebies it is that this bank is giving to its loyal clients. The minimum deposit amount is not disclosed but maintaining a good balance probably will then provide you a flip camera for free. At a no minimum balance and mo monthly service charge, what else is the reason not to open a free checking account with this bank?

Citizens Bank

Who would not avail a free checking account if the benefit is money out of doing nothing but simply using your ATM on withdrawals? Yes, you've heard it right from the Citizens Bank on their Green$ense program. The objective of this program is to be paperless on every transaction that you will engage with them. After opening a free checking account, you are about to receive $0.10 every time you'll insert in your ATM on the machine or swipe those debit card on an EPS. You can earn for up to $120 a year by simply doing those paperless transactions. You've helped the environment; you gain money out of it.


A free checking account combined with your other Citibank account that will result to an average balance of $1500 will entitle you into an unlimited check writing and reimbursement of your non-Citibank ATM fees. What it just meant for you is that you'll not be charged of transaction fees whenever you use you non-Citibank ATM at Citibank machines. That is provided you'll open to them a free checking account.

There are lots of good angle to compare when it comes to the best free checking account offered by any banks. As a client looking of it, you should always consider that a free checking account should have at least the majority of the following features:

  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Unlimited monthly checking
  • Free online access to you account
  • Free check books
  • No ATM and debit card fees

After all, it is still a form of saving your money for good and there must be some sort of benefit and protection always on your side.

Free checking always seems to be more trouble than anything else. I had two in my life, they always have crazy restrictions that they are honest useless and leave you under in the dark.

It's true, you get what you pay for. I do realize that some people have some decent checking offers, but it's always when I don't need it.
Taber at at 11:05AM, 2011/07/11.

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