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What Does SOFCU Online Banking Offer?

SOFCU Online Banking provides free online banking services with its internet financial services system. With online services provide by SOFCU, account holders can make and complete transactions quickly and conveniently, whether at home, in the office or even on the go. SOFCU Online's services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can finish important banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

SOFCU Online Banking provides services that come in handy for any bank account holder. You can quickly view your account's history such as savings, loans, credit cards, and checking accounts. You can also view and download images of checks paid to your account, receive and pay electric bills - all done with a click of the mouse. You can also easily transfer funds with other SOFCU accounts or with accounts of other banks and financial institutions. You can pay your bills easily with the funds deposited in your SOFCU account, and never again would you need to put up the time and effort of paying your bills by going to the bank and waiting in line yourself.

SOFCU Online Banking also provides its clients easy access to monthly or quarterly account statements. These statements are available for viewing online, saving to hard disk or for printing when one needs to retain a physical copy. You can also file for loans online, and pay for them by setting recurring transfers on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. With these services and more, SOFCU Online Banking virtually removes the chore from monitoring and conducting your financial transactions. You can complete all your transactions, all in real time, even without the need to get off your seat!

If you are currently using popular financial management software like Quicken or Microsoft Money, you can continue doing so with your SOFCU Online Banking account. SOFCU is 100% compatible with these software so there would be no need for a new learning curve when it comes to using computer applications to fully control your account.

Applying for a SOFCU Online Banking account is also made easier with its online membership application interface. All you need to do is provide the necessary information, supply your desired password, and your account is created in just a matter of minutes. Enjoying the benefits of fast, secure and reliable online banking is just made simpler and more accessible with SOFCU Online's easy to use enrollment interface.

Whether you intend to open a savings account to secure your hard-earned funds, create a checking account for your expense needs or need to apply for a loan for that costly but necessary purchase, the services that SOFCU Online Banking provides could be the right package for you. With a secure platform, reliable online access and services that meets every banker's needs, SOFCU Online Banking is one of the better options when it comes to the convenience and speed online banking delivers. Together with its 24 hour customer support, SOFCU Online Banking and its services make online banking a safer and a more reassuring experience for today's account holders and investors.

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