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What is a Wells Fargo Paycard?

Wells Fargo is primarily a bank that offers banking, loans, financial cards and savings accounts. Founded across the nation, Wells Fargo offers their clients the selection of online banking, personal banking and mobile banking that allows you to do your choice on mobile device. If you have a Wells Fargo PayCard you can easily get your salary or shop around using Wells Fargo PayCard.

Wells Fargo PayCard is not a credit card or a regular ATM card. This card is basically a credit card which you can use to have an easy access on your regular salary. With this card, you can only use funds that you have actually made since you are spending your own money from your employer.

The Wells Fargo PayCard is a prepaid Visa Debit Card funded through the customized payroll system from your employer. You can use this card to buy anything you want or to make purchases or to cash out at ATMs up to the funds available on your PayCard.

You can use PayCard to buy anything that a Visa Debit Card can be used or at any store that allows Interlink cards. You can also use the PayCard to withdraw cash at any ATM machine that allows Visa card. Every time the PayCard is used, the price you paid will be automatically deducted.

However, only your employer can make fund deposits to your payroll funds that can be allowed with your PayCard. You can cash out money from the ATM and deposit it to your personal bank account. However, there is no fee for using the PayCard when you sign a receipt for the goods you make. If you use your pin code when you make a purchase, the fee is a just a dollar for every transaction that is automatically deducted from the balance available with your PayCard.

A great advantage about the Wells Fargo PayCard is that you get one free ATM withdrawal per pay period. Successive withdrawal then is $ 1.50. If you use an ATM that is not partnered with Wells Fargo, you will need to pay a surcharge fee and other minimal fees.

There are cases where stores would inform you that the PayCard was declined. Declines normally occur when you buy something that is more than the funds available through the PayCard. Some stores might allow you to pay for an acquisition by using the available PayCard funds and paying the remaining purchase amount in your cash.

The Wells Fargo PayCard is a convenient and practical way for you to receive your pay. If you are an empoloyee, you can suggest this to your place of work for you to have an easy access to your payroll. If you are an employer, you should sign up today with the Wells Fargo PayCard for you not to suffer from worries and hassles of a lengthy and laborious system of a manual payroll system. Wells Fargo PayCard is consistent with the dedication of Wells Fargo to provide its clients with easy access to their accounts.

You Can Find Their Web Site Here:

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