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How Much Do Nurses Make?

Is Nursing Right For You?

Choosing what career path to take is one most difficult task for one individual. Having so many choices before you makes your mind work double time in order to have the right choice. But we know for a fact that nurses are so in demand now a day, so people always chose it as a career. And choosing this path, there is one most frequently asked question that needs to be answered, and that is how much do nurses make? And after answering this question you will also be able to know whether the choice you made is the right one.

As you finish your studies college, your main goal now is to have a stable job. And taking nursing as a course will provide you with stable and well secured career. Since nurses are in demand in the health industry having a stable work is not a problem. The only question is how much do nurses make for a living. Many factors are to be considered to be able to answer this question and these are your specialization, your experiences and your certifications and registrations. As an entry level you can be a certified nursing assistant it only requires partial trainings. Your responsibility is limited to assisting patients with their routines and meals. Salary is for an entry level but this is a good start to determine your nursing career. Licensed Practical Nurse will be your next level. Your duty here is to record and observe patients conditions and administer medications and you will under the supervision of a registered nurse. You can say that you gained career advancement in this level, and that would also mean salary advancement. But the most common goal of all nurses is to become a registered nurse. This would mean that you can get a good salary and stable career because you can have the opportunity to increase the areas of your specialization. High level of specialization also means high salary. The most significant factor that will increase your salary here is the number of years of your experience. Meaning longer years of experience gives you more training therefore high compensation is given.

Other nursing specializations are also factors that determine what your earnings will be. Are you a family nurse practitioner, an emergency room nurse or a nurse anesthetist? For a family nurse practitioner your earrings will be based on your task like giving counseling to patients, assisting in surgeries and prescription of medicines with physician supervision. Earrings will be from an hourly rate to a salary, bonuses and profit sharing is also given. As for an emergency room nurse, an hourly rate is given for a round the clock schedule. You will be faced on a highly stressful and fast paced work place. A nurse anesthetist on the other hand has a higher earring opportunity because high level of training is needed. Long process of learning and recertification is also required since you will face high levels of challenges. So having these answers to the question "how much do nurses make?" also tells us that nursing is really one best choice if you are receiving high salary.

I'm a nurse and I must say, pay is actually quite good. I know a lot of the nurses I work with wish they were paid more. Thing is I believe we nurses get paid enough. We're not the official doctor. We simply come in, view the patient over, do some basic things and we're done. It's great pay for doing so. :)
Jasmine at at 10:10AM, 2011/07/20.

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