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How Much Do Social Workers Make?

Social workers are regarded as fair-minded persons who work for the betterment of other people's welfare. It is a rather tedious job because they continually strive for the realization of a good social change and social justice. To become a social worker, one must be a degree holder with a diploma in Social Work and must be licensed or professionally registered as one. Being a social worker is a busy occupation because they are dynamically involved in case and human service managements, in analyzing social welfare policies, in organizing communities for development, in advocating, in teaching, and in actively doing social and political research. Only people with high humanitarian tendencies will be really excellent in this kind of career. They do so much, and one practical question is, how much do they make?

Like in many practices and professions, how much a social worker earn is proportionate to how many years worth of service have they provided. Meaning, a social worker who has twenty years of experience makes a lot more than the one who just recently graduated. Social workers make around $14 to $47 per hour, with the fifty percent earning at around $19. According to the labor statistics, as of last May 2011, the wage estimates for this occupation ranges from $29,340 to $ $77,260 in a year. The starting salary then is roughly around $30,000 which will increase to around $34,000 after five years of active work in the field. It will top out at around $80,000. The reported average annual salary of at least fifty percent of the social workers in the US is $60,246.

How much a social worker makes also depend on the type of social work specialty they are involved in. For example, social workers who work in the community mental health and substance abuse service make the least at around $30,000 annually. The social workers who earn much, those with the wage at around $70,000, are most likely to be working in the managerial field than in counseling. How much a social worker makes also depends on where they are located. Social workers in a certain area may be more compensated than the other social workers in another area; this is why some social workers tend to choose a certain location over another, because no matter how much of a humanitarian they are, they are still human with their own needs. Though there are almost no shortages of social workers, there are those who actually leave their position to find something else that can support them and their families more.

When you ask a social worker how much do they make, they would generally reply with "I'm not in it for the money". Which you can see by the wage computation may be true. Social workers' wage remains low when compared to other professions but students still choose to carry on in being a part of this growing profession, maybe because they anticipate rewards that are not monetary in form. Usually, people who flock into the helping field are more interested in how much they can offer and how much they can serve more than how much they can make.

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