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How Much Do Teachers Make?

Teaching is considered as a noble profession, for the reason that they are the ones responsible in shaping the mind of the future generation. Aside from the parents, the teachers are the ones, who also impart other values and right conduct needed. Educating them so that they would be able to reach their full potential and be as successful as they can be. They say that if you want to get rich then being a teacher is not an option for you, since it only pays well enough for one to get by, teachers sometimes do not have the means to buy luxurious things. It is a job that demands a lot, because learning is a continuous process, you could always learn new things, and as a teacher you have to constantly keep up with the times, being a teacher also requires you to have patience, dedication, passion, and love.

So the question is how much do teachers make? The salary of teachers can vary or it depends on these factors; location of where they are teaching, if they are teaching in a public school in a particular state that has a higher amount of taxes, then the allotted budget for the teachers' salaries are also higher, it might also vary in private schools, other than that, another factor is the grade level they are teaching. I t can also depend on the area of specialty that they are teaching, like teaching foreign languages, or special education. Teachers in college can earn higher than teachers in the secondary level, and the latter can earn more than the preschool and elementary teachers.

Lastly, teachers' salary can also be determined according to their educational level and their experience, like if you were able to get your master's degree, then it would surely give you a higher edge compare to other people who finished their bachelor's degree. So now let's get down with the figures. First of are high school teachers who earns $43,547 monthly, second are elementary school teachers who earns $40,261, Middle School Teacher - $42,112, Special Education Teacher, Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary School - $40,707, Special Education Teacher, Secondary School - $43,730, Secondary School Teacher - $42,356, Special Education Teacher, Middle School - $41,982 Those are just some of the figures according to a recent survey of salaries of teachers in the United States.

So you see teaching as a profession is not enough to make you into another Bill Gates. It wouldn't be enough to buy you a mansion, buy cars with sky-high prices, or designer clothing or bags. just the thought that you are shaping the minds of maybe a future president, writer, lawyer, doctor, artist, or even a future teacher is enough to compensate for all the materials things you could have acquire, now that for is worth more than any material things money can buy. Hence the question "how much do teachers make? Now seems irrelevant, because they are doing something that can never be amounted to any monetary sum.

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