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How They Make Gas Seem Cheaper

90% Gas - 10% Ethanol- Cheaper or is it?

O.K. I have got to admit it. When it comes to gas, I don't ever think of brands, just price. They all get the gas from the same distributor.

But, I have to say that news story is total screwed up. You would think cleaner = better gas mileage. Normally higher octane = better mileage. Not true in my case. I have a MPG meter in my car. I just calibrated it last month for a physics project for my nephew. I was forced to fill up at name brand station. I notice it was not 90-10, but 100% gas. Would you know that I got 3 more MPG for the entire tank.

Look at the math:

I paid 9 cents more per gallon and bought 12.5 gallons. So, splurged an extra: $1.13

But, I was able to drive an extra 38 miles.

So I basically got an extra 1.79 gallons more off of this tank. With gas at $3.11 per gallon. I got an extra $5.57 worth of bang.

So, I actually saved $4.44

It's straight 100% gas from here on for me. Give it a try, see if it works for you.

A Re-Look This Concept 2 Years Later- Let me revisit this concept:

I just got a new car, let's see if this thought still holds it's weight. I bought a Infinity M 45x. Nissan says that it gets 19 miles per gallon on the highway. The tank holds 15.3 gallons of gas.

Using 90 percent gas and 10 percent ethanol I was able to get 304 miles before my no gas light came up. That's 19.87 miles per gallon. I paid $60.78 to fill my tank. That's 19.99 cents a mile.

Now let's use straight gas. I found a station that still sells straight gas around here. I filled up and was able to get 332 miles before the light came on. That's 21.70 miles per gallon. I paid $63.98 for the tank of 100% gas. That comes out to 19.27 cents per mile.

I guess we are on to something here. Two cars it holds true. If anyone tries it please let me know.

I just reread the title of this page. I use the word "they", as if there was a group in a room just trying to figure out how to stick it to Joe Public right now. Guess what? That is happening right now. Everywhere someone is trying to figure out how to get you to give them money and smile while doing it.

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