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Personal Finance Software: The Top 5 Most Used

Personal finance software can help you keep track of your investments and assets. This software can actually help in managing your money and help you keep track of your bank accounts and investments. There are actually lots of Personal finance software to choose from and you just need to see which one is the one for you. Some of these software also doubles as a budgeting software that can ease up your work in looking for ways to make your money go to where it should go and the most advantageous point.

There is much personal finance software available in the market today. Below is the top five and they are:

  • Mint - is web based application software for managing your money. It is easy to set up and the tools that are incorporated in the software are easy to use and the best part is it's free. It can automatically get any financial data that belongs to you if your account happened to have an online facility and incorporate it with its service to give you financial standing report. Budgeting and monitoring expenditures are the two primary concern of anyone who engages in personal finance software and this software happen to have budgeting tools, charts to make presentation clearer, and alerts that will definitely help you plan you're spending with ease.
  • Excel - Yes, that same Excel for Windows and Mac which is not really solely for financial management but you can make it work in such a way by designing it yourself. If you are well-versed (or even if you just know the basics) in using Excel then you can be able to design a personal finance software. Excel comes in a package when you buy computers because Windows XP is the most preferred (if you are not using Mac) operating system or OS for most computer system nowadays ("ancient time" computers used DOS which is still useful today in some ways). You have to feed all the data you need manually though.
  • Yodlee - like Mint, it is also a web based personal finance software. It also has the same feature as Mint like automatic retrieval of financial accounts that are on line and incorporate them within the system to give clearer view of financial report. It can also be used for free.
  • Quicken - for Windows and Mac users that has been personal finance software for quite sometime now and only this year that they have decided to finally launch their online version of Quicken. It can handle simple to complex budgeting without fail. It has tools to reconcile the spending rather than make you rely on your credit card statements or bank statements. Desktop versions of the software costs $30 to $100 while the online version will make you spend $2.99 each month.
  • Microsoft Money - for Windows only and available only in desktop version. Some love using this personal finance software especially when they rely on their desktop very much. There are still some that find the software slow but once you got the hang of it, it can be a powerful tool in making decision money wise.

Different people have different preferences and needs and that is also one of the reasons why much personal finance software came to be. Choose the best one that you think will be suited to your needs and will greatly help you not because one of your friends is using it but because it will give a great advantage to you.

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