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About Me

My name is Jack. I'm in my late-40s. I have 3 children, a lovely wife, and a dog named Precious (not my call). I have worked in the education, financial, and Internet services sector. Finally find my home in education.

I guess my mid-life crisis started this whole thing. Some guys buy sports cars, I blog.

I just got feed up with everyone in the finance industry taking advantage of other people. I'm not a financial guru by any means, but I'm well informed. And in the financial industry that makes me one hell of a pain in the butt for them.

I really put this site together for people who have just realized that they have been getting beat up by the man for years. For the longest time, when I went to seek finance advice I thought I had few, if any, choices. Talking to others, most of us feel this way too.

Over time I have come to learn that managing your money wisely is really not too hard. Simple choices and a little research can save you thousands, in some cases tens of thousands.

I hope to help you learn strategies that have worked for me and others. The more people that demand better rates and services, the better every ones financial outlook will become.

I have a 19, 15, and 6 year old. Yeah, the 6 year old gets away with murder. I worry that they will never be able to afford a house in their life time. I hope that my thoughts will help them and you reach your goals just a little faster.


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