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How to Go About Negotiating Your Salary

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Having a job is very important, because a person has a lot of necessities that must be fulfilled so that they can be able to live a normal, productive, and healthy life.

And those necessities are: food, water, clothing, and a roof over their heads, and we cannot simply afford all of this just by seating or lying around. In line with that; finding a job is challenging, just remember that the key to succeed in finding a job is how well you can sell or advertise yourself. You have to be confident in marketing your good traits, your competency in doing a job well done, your perseverance to learn and grow with the company, and especially how dedicated you are if ever get accepted in the company. But you must also remember that one should look for a job that is in his/hers line of expertise, or if it is something you really love. And before accepting any job you must first ask yourself, "would the payment be equal to what position of work they are giving me?" well if you can answer that with a no, then you must at least try and negotiate you salary especially if you know you deserve a bit more.

So here are some ways on how to go about negotiating your salary: first is to inquire.

Try and search what the standard rates are for the job position you are eyeing for and the salary range in your location and also research whether the company you are applying for is thriving or hurting financially, if it's the latter, then maybe you should accept what they are offering you as long as it is still reasonable and you really like to get the nature of the job being offered, this would at least give you a reference on if what you are asking is way out of the line. Secondly, don't indicate on your resume your expected salary. Third, don't show any signs of nervousness or hesitancy on your part. Be confident. People tend to react differently when they can see when the person they are dealing with is serious and does really means business, but don't be snooty, find the balanced between looking reasonable and firm. Fourth, keep your emotions in check.

Don't take everything personally, if the interviewer didn't agree to your terms, then don't think it's because he/she didn't like you or maybe he/she is being racist. Be matured in your responses, because it is still a business place and one must learn how to handle themselves in situations like that. Fifth, be reasonable with the amount you are negotiating to be added in your salary, for example, if you just graduated from college, therefore not having any job experience yet then you don't have enough credentials and yet you are demanding a high salary, now that would be crazy! But if you have already at least 10 - 15 years of working experience, then asking for a bit more would be okay, since you already have the experience.

Now you know how you can effectively negotiate! Just apply all this tips and you be sure to have the salary you deserved.

Roy Hayden
Looking back from those times I had my first job, I think I could have done better. I was afraid to negotiate my salary since I was just new. Who was I to demand. But then, when I come to think of it, I could have been paid much bigger and better than that.
Roy Hayden at at 09:33AM, 2011/07/18.
John Rueda
I'm so bad with salary negotiating. But after reading all these, I guess I would go dumb on it on my next job. I think now I know what exactly I would do. Thanks.
John Rueda at at 09:43AM, 2011/07/18.
I know the whole deal with negotiating a salary, had to do it for a few jobs myself. Most of the time I was quite afraid to lean out and try to acquire a higher salary. I think you just need to be tough on it, tell them you want the job, but you want to get paid a little extra.
Brad at at 10:08AM, 2011/07/20.

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