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What is a Bank Teller's Salary?

Adults, especially parents, have the habit of asking children this question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The more often answers are to be doctors, to be nurses, to be teachers, to be engineers. Some children may also dream of working in a bank, perhaps being the manager, or a teller.

Bank tellers are the ones on the forefront of the bank. When one enters a bank, the tellers are the first to be noticed. They have the most number of transactions in the bank because they are the ones responsible in dealing with clients who deposit or withdraw their money from the bank. Because they are on the forefront, they also become an image or model of the bank. What people see from them would reflect clients' impression.

Bank tellers, aside from being in the forefront and serving as models/image of the bank, have big responsibilities. They take charge of the money that comes in and out of the bank. And, they are held accountable for the money.

Because of the bulk of the responsibilities that bank tellers have, it is natural that the bank tellers receive a salary that would be equally compensating. How much is a bank teller's salary? Figures may vary from bank to bank. A bank teller's salary would vary depending on the skills, on experiences and on the status that one has.

A bank teller's salary is on an hourly rate. There are different considerations in determining the hourly rate of the bank teller. The rate would vary depending on the number of years of service. Newly-hired bank tellers would have lower salary than those who have been in the bank longer. The bank teller's salary will also vary depending on the prior experience he or she has. If one has had bank experiences, one would have higher salary than the ones without any prior bank experiences, or any work experience for that matter. Another point to consider in determining the rate of the bank teller's salary is the status or position that one has. If one is an ordinary bank teller, one would have lower rate. If one is a senior bank teller or a supervisor/administrator, he or she would have a higher rate.

But, how will one become a bank teller? Banks may accept applicants as long as they fit the basic requirements of the bank. One basic requirement is for the applicant to be a high school graduate to the least. This is to be assured that he or she has the necessary skills like money matters and communication skills. Another perhaps basic requirement is for one to have good interpersonal skills. Since bank tellers are on the forefront, it is inevitable that there is a need to be able to deal with people from diverse backgrounds - with different personalities. The bank teller should be ready to deal with these types of people.

To be able to go up the ladder and improve the bank teller's salary, one should not stop from what he has (the basic requirements). One has to continue improving himself to be worthy of an increase in his or her salary and job.

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