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Paying For College

You Have Plenty Of Choices

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Someone told me years back that if I wanted to know how much to save for my kids college, look at tuition of the school that is representative of your state, the day your kid is born. Now double that tuition and you have a good idea what you are up against.

It doesn't matter if college is 2 decades or 2 years away, now is always the time to start putting money away for school. There are literally hundreds of financial products of college savings. It's not surprising since college costs rise 5% each year.

I spent about 18 months researching College Savings prior to taking any action. I had Roth IRAs pushed at me. Old timers would push EE bonds. The most popular savings for college these days is a no brainer. In fact, the tax deduction can even be helpful, if you are in between tax brackets. State sponsored college savings plans are the way to go. They are referred to as 529 plans. Unlike most things that have the word government in them, these plans even started to compete with one another and get better with time.

Anyone can contribute to the plan. Grandma doesn't know what to get Joey for his birthday? How about a cool $50 towards his future that will be $80 by the time he's ready to use it.

The earnings are all 100% tax free as long as they are used towards education, by the way that includes things like laptops, transportation, board, and books. Many states let you deduct contributions for your State taxes.

There is no time limit on the use of money. So if Junior takes a couple of years to him/her self, it's not a strain on you.

Paying For College: What's The Smart Way To Do It?

Getting into college is important in one's life because this is a way to be able to find better and high paying jobs. Most parents dream that their children will get and finish college.

Entering college requires that one be able to pass tests. Aside from the tests that make one qualify for college, another thing to consider is one's ability to pay through college.

In times where there is an economic crisis, there is a need to think of smart ways of paying for college. Both parents and the students would want to look at various options and determine the smart way of paying for college.

Paying for college: what's the smart way to do it? This is one question that will be tried to find answers.

1. College Grants and Scholarships. Most colleges offer scholarship grants, financial grants which will help parents and their children in paying for college. Availing of grants and scholarship is one smart way of paying for college. When one avails of these, one will be able to breeze through college without thinking of any financial difficulties.

2. Financial Aid. Another smart way of paying for college is looking for financial assistance - through government subsidies or private companies. Some may offer financial aid for deserving students and help them in paying for college education. The student, or their parent, has to have the initiative and perseverance to look for various financial aids available in their community or in the state.

3. Student loans. The government or some private institutions may offer student loans. This can be another smart way of paying for college. What is important if one wants to avail of student loans is to be able to look at the pros and cons of student loans and of the institution or office that offers this.

4. Work. This may also be a smart way of paying for college. Finding a job or being a working student may be able to help one pay for college. The student must decide or think of the place where he/she will work - will it be off-campus or on-campus (work in the school)? Being a working student is truly one smart way of paying for and finishing college, but it is important to note that the student must have the will power and determination to do so. This entails juggling his time and efforts to be able to succeed.

Various smart ways of paying for college are presented to assist parents and students in their journey to being able to achieve their dream - go to college and be successful. Parents and students have to consider their individual circumstances in trying to decide the smart and effective way in paying for college. The choice is theirs to make. Their choice becomes the smart way to paying for college when it is made with careful planning, consideration and time. Decisions that are life-changing like this takes time and planning to be able to make a decision that one will not regret.

I had to pay for my son's tuition starting this year and I must say, it's tough. Thing that makes things worse is that he changes his mind about what he wants to major in. That's fine and all, but now he wants to change schools. Such a pain! :(
Mick at at 10:34AM, 2011/07/17.
Carl Knowles
I'm one of those people who are having difficulties getting to college. I got financial aid by getting a good scholarship. I also asked a bit of help from relatives who could give out some cash for my allowance or something. I get through it just fine.
Carl Knowles at at 09:19AM, 2011/07/18.
Brandon Gosnell
I have to admit, you got some great points here. I did some of these once during my college life. I tried to get some scholarships and get some jobs. I never tried loaning though. I was scared to loan way back in college. But everything was all worth it.
Brandon Gosnell at at 09:28AM, 2011/07/18.
Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.
Kaley at at 05:49AM, 2011/09/02.

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