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Capital One Costco


Overall Score:
Rate History:

Bank's URL:


Overall Score

Costco customers get a better rate on the same old Capital One account. I'm not sure how long this arrangement is set to run, but it has been running a quarter on average better than CapitalOne's online savings. I have been tracking this account for about 5 years now. My guess, it's here to stay. If you are a Costco member, go with this one. As my Capital One Review shows, they offer a great product. Given that they give you a better rate, I highly recommend this account.


Rate History:

Typical CapitalOne- They are usually in the top half, but due to all the services they offer don't expect them to ever lead the pack.

As a Cosco member, your looking at an additional 1/4 point of interest. So it is usually highly competitive.

Customer Service:

Email and 24/7 phone support. The phone support I was provided was very knowledgable and well versed on polices and FDIC laws.


They follow the standard practice. They could definitely do more.


Pros: Your standard tie to a checking or savings account system. No minimum balance. ATM and check writing access. $1 minimum.

Cons: The security could be better and the rate lags due to all of the services you get with the account.


Funding: Ties to your Checking or savings account. You can also use an ATM or write checks.

Setup Process: Online and phone only.

FDIC Insured

Bank's URL:


Mailing Address:

Direct Banking Deposit Address:
Capital One Costco Direct Banking
PO Box 4197
Houston, TX 77210-4197

Phone: Customer Service 1-877-442-3764

Open an Account 1-800-562-1340

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